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STUDENTS <br />3004 <br />Page 2of3 <br />c. Type, number, and dates of immunizations to be administered; <br />d. Signature of the legal parent/guardian providing the information; and <br />e. Signature of a physician or physician's representative. <br />3. If a student is admitted to school and fails to continue the schedule of intended <br />immunizations, that student will be excluded from school until documentation is <br />presented setting forth the administration of the required immunizations. <br />Exemption from Immunizations <br />A student who supplies documentation to the school of one (1) or more of the following <br />conditions is not required to undergo the required immunizations: <br />Laboratory proof of immunity to any of the childhood diseases set forth on the <br />State of Idaho CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION School Immunization Requirement <br />form #3004F1; <br />2. A signed statement of a licensed physician stating that the student has had <br />Measles or Mumps disease diagnosed by the physician upon personal <br />examination; <br />3. A signed statement (State of Idaho CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION School <br />Immunization Requirement form #30041`1) of a licensed physician that the <br />student's life or health would be endangered if any or all of the required <br />immunizations are administered; or <br />4. A signed statement (State of Idaho CERTIFICATE OF EXEMPTION School <br />Immunization Requirement form #30041`1) of the parent/guardian setting forth the <br />following information: <br />a. Name of the student; and <br />b. A statement of objection on religious or other grounds. <br />Exclusion from School <br />A student not in compliance with this policy upon first admission in preschool or in <br />kindergarten through grade twelve (12) will be denied attendance by the Bonneville <br />Joint School District No. 93. <br />2. Any student denied attendance will not be allowed to attend any schools within the <br />District until he/she is in compliance with this policy. <br />Bonneville Joint School District No. 93 <br />Immunization Requirements <br />